327-27-18, 8(777)559-58-93

Repair of refrigerators in Almaty

PLEASE CONTACT:       87775595893                 87273272718

Refrigerator broken contact us

Filling freon → contact us

Conscientious repair of the refrigerator with a guarantee, without deception and hassle → contact us

Deep freeze repair → contact us

Motor replacement → contact us

Repair of  industrial refrigerating appliances – contact us

Repair of trade refrigerating appliances → contact us

Installation adjustment of household, trade, industrial refrigerating appliances → contact us

Buying up of second-hand refrigerators → contact us

Real responsible guarantee on repair → contact us

Maintenance of refrigerating appliances on a constant (contractual) basis → contact us

 PLEASE CONTACT:    327-27-18       8-(777) 559-58-93   

 We repair honestly with a guarantee, fill, serve, establish, adjust and start all types of refrigerators of deep freezes; household, industrial and trade         refrigerating appliances


                                        Our advantages, our REAL ADVANTAGES:

1. Honest diagnostics (determination of malfunction) without deception, price markups, and frauds with additional repair.

We define and honestly show to the client all (full) reasons of malfunctions providing to the customer a further choice of repair. Diagnostics – for free.

    2. Repair with departure — on customer place without deception, without frauds (manipulations) with spare parts.

    3. Repair of accompanying malfunctions – for free.

    4. Want inexpensive repair, please — cheaper repair.

When we have an opportunity — we always offer to the customer reduction repair cost due to second-hand spare parts installation.

    5. Discounts for regular customers to their relatives and friends according to the recommendatory business card.

    6. Urgent repair — departure to the client during day.

    7. Continuous presence of various spare parts on different types of refrigerating appliances.

    8. Motor replacement.

    9. We take any form of payment (cash/non-cash settlement), full package of documents for the organizations.

   10. Discount for pensioners.


                                                      PLEASE CONTACT:    

                          327-27-18       8-(777) 559-58-93


             Yes? Yes. We do it all and with a real responsible guarantee.

The guarantee is a special subject for service people,  it is worth stopping especially. And that is why: The guarantee in language of service people — «repeated visit» is a headache, «burden» for us for service people. Therefore many unfair service people give a fictitious (false) guarantee — that is a guarantee,  but then in every possible way avoiding its performances with various reasons and even change contacts. And it turns into hassle and a real problem for the customers for you. 

                    WE WORK IN ALMATY FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS !


because we never deceive our clients, we give and the main thing really fulfill the real honest guarantee given out by us.

 Reliability, Honesty, Concreteness and Guarantee is our main advantages

 Want high-quality repair without price markups, deception and hassle → PLEASE CONTACT

                                                                       327-27-18       8-(777) 559-58-93                                                                                                                    
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